eAcademy Resources for Administrators

General Resources for eAcademy Administrators

Utilize the following checklist to improve your eAcademy sites efficiency and increase utilization:

Best Practices Checklist

Course Suggestions Based on Funders

The following pages provide course suggestions based on funding agency requirements. These are topics of interest in the areas associated with these funding sources. Depending on the population you work with you can create training plans with these courses accompanied by relevant courses from the Top 100 eAcademy Courses. The following funders included:

Department of Children & Families

Department of Housing & Community Development

–  Department of Mental Health

–  Department of Public Health

Bureau of Substance & Addiction Services

–  Department of Early Education & Care

–  Executive Offices of Veteran Services

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Course Lists and Library Information

As a part of the Providers’ eAcademy you have access to the Relias Health and Human Service Solutions package. The Providers’ eAcademy tools and libraries are noted in blue in this packet.

– eAcademy annotated Health and Human Service Solutions packet

See the most frequently assigned courses in our eAcademy network to get a start on new training plans.

Top 100 eAcademy Courses

License Uploading in eAcademy

Nearly every one of Relias’ hundreds of courses available to you are approved for continuing education units (CEUs). To receive CEUs automatically  staff must have their license information inputted into the site. Share the following resources with your staff so that they are able to receive CEUs:

– Step-by-step video on how to upload your license: https://youtu.be/5MbsgoU6bp0

Quickly find the name Relias utilizes for your license’s CEU approval board with this cheat sheet:

CEUs and eAcademy


If you would like to request a resource for something that you do not see in our current library please email  eacademy@providers.org.