Mission and Values

The Providers' Council is a statewide association of primarily nonprofit, community-based organizations that provide human services, health, education and vocational supports to one-in-ten residents of the Commonwealth.

The association offers its members high-quality public policy research, advocacy, communication and information, education and training, research and cost-saving programs to add value for our members and to help them reach their objectives.

Founded in 1975 to influence public policy to support community-based services throughout Massachusetts, the Council is the state’s largest human services membership association and is widely recognized as the official voice of the community-based human services sector. As a membership association, the Council receives its primary support from its members and business partners.

The Council is governed by a diverse board of directors who are committed to the values of the corporation. The board supports the Council’s mission: to promote a healthy, productive and diverse human services industry. 

Organizational Values of the Providers' Council

The organization's core values of fairness, respect and dignity for the disenfranchised have been represented throughout its history of helping its members meet their missions. Our organizational values include:

The delivery of superior, accessible, community-based services that support one-in-ten Massachusetts residents;
To serve the public and human service providers by identifying opportunities and taking action on issues where provider and public interests are aligned;
The belief that the public, clients and consumers are best served through volunteer-governed and community-based nonprofits;
A commitment to results, success and transparency;
Promoting integrity, credibility and responsibility in the human services sector;
Dedication to the development of a diverse membership, representative of human service providers and the general population in Massachusetts.