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“Olivia Moultrie, a 28-year-old direct care professional in western Massachusetts, cannot afford the type of services she provides to clients — or weekly therapy visits, chiropractor appointments, or car repairs should her check-engine light come on.”

-Alison Kuznitz, State House News Service

“We must eliminate pay human service worker pay disparities. And we must bolster the recruitment and retention of human services workers by eliminating the burden of student debt for higher education. We can and must do more for you – who do so much for so many.”

-Senator Jo Comerford

“There are 245 people who are waiting for services including 200 children, 54 of them need language capacity in our region — that means clinicians who speak Spanish and Portuguese.”

-Diane Gould, President and CEO of Advocates, Inc.

“The Providers’ Council isn’t looking to expand its services or grow its network, Weekes said, but rather provide a fair wage to its hardworking employees. [Michael] Weekes said it is “not unusual” to hear of workers clocking 100-hour weeks.”

-Cameron Morsberger, The Sun