Board and Committees

The Providers' Council's board of directors is made up of executives from throughout the human services sector. Our committees, listed below, offer an opportunity for members to help craft the policies and positions of the Providers' Council, network with colleagues and advance the Council's mission.

Council Board of Directors’ Chairs past and present with Providers Council President/CEO Michael Weekes (seated, center),
who was honored for his 20 years of service to the organizations at the 43rd Annual Convention & Expo on September 20, 2018.

Board of Directors

Providers' Council Committees

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee selects the organization’s auditor, reviews and approves the audit report and provides critical oversight and guidance to the board and management regarding the integrity of the corporation’s financial process and systems. For more information or to join, email Tracy Jordan.

Business Practices Committee

The Business Practices Committee works to improve the business practices for the Commonwealth that directly impact the operations of contract human service providers. Additionally, it strives to share best practices and methods that increase efficiency and accountability. For more information or to join, email Bill Yelenak.

Communications and Media Committee

The Communications and Media Committee helps the Providers’ Council with its communications and media efforts by discussing ideas on how the Council can increase its visibility and that of our members, as well as the general public’s understanding of human services. The committee also assists with Council objectives, such as reports and media campaigns. For more information or to join, email Bill Yelenak.

Education and Convention Committee

The Education and Convention Committee’s purpose is to advance the human service industry by providing education and training opportunities.  The committee assists in the development and selection of trainings, higher education opportunities, workshops for the Annual Convention, roundtables, and other educational programs. For more information or to join, email Christina Broughton.

Employment Committee

The Employment Committee establishes a communication link for members providing vocational and employment programs that receive state and federal funding. It also works to advance opportunities for vulnerable populations to gain skills that lead to employment. For more information or to join, email Bill Yelenak.

Health Insurance Committee

The Health Insurance Committee is exploring options for reducing health insurance costs for Council members and employees while continuing to provide excellent benefits. For more information or to join, email Christina Broughton.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops strategies for recruiting new members, creating a more meaningful membership experience and enabling members to know about and take advantage of the numerous benefits available to them. For more information or to join, email Christina Broughton.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee’s purpose is to annually select a slate of officers and directors appropriate to fulfill the mission of the Council and to secure affirmative votes from the membership. The committee may seek opportunities to develop potential board members in fulfilling its duties. For more information or to join, email

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee assists the Council in drafting and advocating for legislation or advancing any public policy that can strengthen the human services sector. The committee monitors legislation that would impact human services, promotes campaigns to pass helpful legislation and creates and executes strategies to defeat harmful legislation. For more information or to join, email Bill Yelenak.

Race, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Race, Diversity and Inclusion Committee strives to create communities of respect, tolerance and inclusion within the human services sector and the communities in which we live and work. Learn more about our efforts here! Our objective is to broaden awareness and understanding within our racial, ethnic, gender, faith, nationalities and  other identities by embracing  diversity through knowledge, practice, and advocacy. For more information or to join, email Christina Broughton.

Research Committee

The Research Committee is an ad hoc committee of the Providers’ Council that meets periodically to guide the organization’s research efforts. The committee has engaged multiple times to publish reports, including Who Will Care? The Workforce Crisis in Human Services in early 2017. For more information or to join, email Bill Yelenak.

The Caring Force Committee

The Caring Force Committee provides guidance and assistance in developing the grassroots advocacy initiative of the Providers’ Council. The committee helps create an inclusive and powerful movement of human services workers, program participants, board members, volunteers and other supporters. For more information or to join, email Caroline O’Neill.

Workforce Committee

The Workforce Committee seeks to explore solutions for recruiting and retaining human services workers. The committee also develops and expands the human services workforce through education and training opportunities. For more information or to join, email Caroline O’Neill.

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