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Our Mission

The Caring Force is the grassroots advocacy initiative of the Providers' Council. The Caring Force seeks to empower those who care about the human services sector to advance an agenda that creates an environment in Massachusetts that protects our most vulnerable neighbors and creates a stronger economy with the pay, recognition, and respect our workers deserve.

Be a not so secret admirer!

Valentine’s Day is more than a day to celebrate who you love –  it’s also an opportunity to show your love for the work you do and those around you. So in addition to buying flowers or chocolates for that special someone in your life, take a minute to acknowledge your dedicated coworker who loves

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You did it!

Last week we asked you to help us gather support for our Pro-Workforce Legislative Agenda and you delivered! Members of The Caring Force sent nearly 1,000 letters to over 130 House members and 39 of 40 Senators. Thank you for your incredible efforts! But those are not the only exciting numbers! Your voices were heard loud

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The Caring Force is pleased to announce the January 2019 Member Spotlight honoree is Jennifer Zuniga, a Community Care Worker at Vinfen.

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