Tuition Remission

Human services workers participating in the Providers' Council's Tuition Remission program are able to attend a state-supported undergraduate course at any Massachusetts community college, state college or state university (excluding UMASS Medical School) and may remit 100% of their tuition.

What is the Tuition Remission program?

The Tuition Remission program was initiated to help human service employees gain access to college education to advance their careers in the field of human services. Since then, more than 400 organizations have participated in this program, helping more than 4,000 workers attend over 20,000 classes with tuition remission at Massachusetts state colleges. The Providers’ Council began operating the Tuition Remission Program in the fall of 2000 upon approval from the Massachusetts Commonwealth Board of Higher Education.

How does the program work?

Eligible employees of participating organizations fill out a Certificate of Eligibility for each course they would like to take. The Certificate, which is signed by a human resource representative and an executive at their agency, is submitted to the Providers’ Council for processing. Once the Certificate has been processed by the Council, the employee brings certificate to the school’s bursar in order to receive tuition remission.

Employees should be aware that:

  • This program applies to state-supported undergraduate courses at Massachusetts state colleges, community colleges, or state universities (excluding UMASS Medical School) and is based on space availability.
  • Participating employees are responsible for paying all school fees, books and other associated course costs. Only tuition is remitted.
  • Students must check with the school registrar to find out if the school will accept tuition remission for the course before submitting a Tuition Remission Certificate of Eligibility.
  • A separate Certificate of Eligibility must be submitted for each course.
  • Graduate level courses, continuing education, or certification programs are NOT eligible for tuition remission.
  • This is NOT a reimbursement program.
  • Processing, registration, and renewal fees are required from participating human service employers to support the administration of this program.

More Information

How to Get Started

If you are unsure if your organization participates in Tuition Remission, have questions about how the program works or would like to begin running this program at your organization, please contact