Providers’ eAcademy®

Providers' eAcademy® is the Providers' Council's online learning management system, designed to advance workforce training and professional development in the human services sector.

Providers’ eAcademy® provides the tools needed to educate all levels of staff and can help your agency meet and exceed licensure and accreditation requirements while saving the organization money and helping you go green. Learn more about the benefits of online learning.

Providers’ eAcademy® is currently hosting 50,000 users at over 100 agencies across Massachusetts.

What Providers’ eAcademy® includes:

An extensive course library

More than 1,000 interactive courses are available to your staff anytime and anywhere. Nearly all of the courses offer CEUs for your licensed staff members’ professional development — an excellent employee benefit! Some of the features are:

  • Compliance courses, like HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, Sexual Harassment, Fire Safety, Cultural Diversity and more;
  • Crosswalks to accreditation standards, including CARF and COA;
  • Performance reviews to standardize employee measures and track competency;
  • The ability to upload agency-specific trainings;
  • Mass-communicate to your staff through announcements and updates on their home page;
  • Employee wellness and development courses to promote wellbeing and longevity in your organization;
  • Computer courses, including the Microsoft Office Suite; and
  • Mobile-compatible courses and optional gamification.

Streamlined enrollment functionalities

  • Create training plans by grouping courses together to increase efficiency and training consistency;
  • Automate all training assignments upon hire with “auto enrollment” profiles;
  • Assign prerequisites to courses; and
  • Assist supervisors to track their staff’s progress through hierarchies.

Comprehensive tracking abilities

  • Manage all online and live training in one system;
  • Create event modules to track event attendance, including virtual and in-person meetings;
  • A suite of reports designed to meet the needs of human service providers, including compliance reports and training effectiveness; and
  • Automated emails to create an efficient experience for administrators, including reminders to employees and supervisors about trainings coming up as due.

The Human Services Credentialing Program

  • Provide entry-level staff and frontline supervisors with trainings regarding Massachusetts-specific laws and procedures; and
  • Ensure a standardized skill set and training for direct support professionals containing content accredited by the NADSP.

Add-on online Relias courses are also available for purchase by all Providers’ Council members

All Providers’ Council members can purchase these offerings directly through Relias Learning. All online courses include:

  • Relias ABA Core library, including:
    • The 40-hour RBT sequence;
    • Over 30 BCBA CEUs; and
    • Access to First Aid/CPR trainings through the American Heart Association.

Please contact Amanda Rheaume to request quotes for these add-on modules and additional tools from Relias.

For more information about Providers’ eAcademy® and Relias Learning, email Amanda Rheaume  or call 508-599-2242.