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| Bill Yelenak

Our TCF Rally video is now on a YouTube playlist!

We’ve heard from so many of you over the last couple weeks that you loved attending our 10th Annual Caring Force Rally on May 14, and we appreciate you being in attendance. We had more than 800 concurrent connections on Zoom and more than 1,300 TCF members register for the event, which is the largest Zoom we’ve ever hosted!

And if you missed attending our virtual 10th Annual Caring Force Rally — or you just want to see it again! — you can now watch a recording of the event on our YouTube Channel. The playlist for the event is available here.

We welcome you to watch the Caring Force Rally again and share it with others at your organization who may not have been able to attend. If you have any questions about the Caring Force Rally or want more information about it, please let me know. You can also visit the Providers’ Council website to learn more about the legislation we discussed at the event.

As far as next steps, we expect the Legislature will hold a hearing on our legislation in the coming months. Are you interested in testifying before a legislative committee on the need for Fair Pay for Comparable Work or Student Loan Repayment for human services workers?

If you would like to share your personal story at a virtual legislative hearing in the coming months, please email me at and let me know.

We would love to have you present your story with other Caring Force members and discuss the critical need for this important legislation.

As always, thanks for your advocacy and your engagement with The Caring Force. We appreciate your membership with us, and we look forward to making a difference for the human services workforce during this legislative season.

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