The Caring Force Blog National Mentoring Month 2022: FREE mentoring connections to all members

| Caroline O'Neill

January is National Mentoring Month

The Leadership Initiative (TLI) is accepting mentors and mentees for 2022! TLI is an inter-agency mentoring program that aims to grow the future leaders of the human services sector through meaningful, supportive mentor/mentee partnerships. This program is open to all employees of Providers’ Council member agencies, at no cost. Mentees will be matched with mentors from an agency other than their own based on their professional development goals.

Each mentoring pair will meet virtually for a one-year period and will have access to a Providers’ Council staff member for additional support. We are currently seeking both mentors and mentee for 2022 on a rolling basis. To learn more about the program and to fill out an application, visit the program page on our website.

Mentees are employees with supervisory responsibilities that would like to grow within their organizations. Mentors are senior management level professionals who have knowledge and expertise to share with an emerging leader.  In order to ensure that we make the most valuable pairs for both mentors and mentees, our goal is to have as many mentors apply as possible so that we can make the best match based on career and professional development goals.  Unless a mentor notes that they want to be sure they will be paired during that round, we will be adding mentor applications to a pool of potential mentors and pair as appropriate for mentees.

“It has helped immensely and I would recommend this program to anyone looking for professional advice and/or a roadmap to professional development. The opportunity to receive guidance and support from an experienced nonprofit executive outside of my agency was invaluable.” -Mentee

Interested in sharing this opportunity within your agency? Click here to download our interactive program flyer.

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