News Paper from TSNE examines wage equity

TSNE MissionWorks, previously Third Sector New England, has released a new analysis of nonprofit workforce compensation. The paper, “Wage Equity Matters: A Deeper Analysis of Compensation and Benefits Data from Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce,” by Nora Berson and Lyn Freundlich, uses nearly a decade’s worth of data to track nonprofit wage and compensation trends in Southern New England and part of New York.

According to the introduction, “Understanding the relationship between salaries and the rising cost of living provides insight into the wage pressures our workforce is facing and how it may be working against our ability to attract and retain successful employees.”

One trend of note is that while the overall number of women in executive director positions increased slightly between 2010 and 2017, the wage gap between male and female executive directors was unchanged.

The paper also breaks down trends in racial demographics among executives, as well as wage and compensation and racial demographics of other workers as well.

You can review Wage Equity Matters here.

The bi-annual Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce report, released last fall and co-sponsored by the Providers’ Council, provides a deep dive into nonprofit compensation practices at nonprofits across the region. In all, 342 organizations responded to the survey, and more than half of them were related to human services. Nearly 30 Council members contributed data for the current report.

You can view or download the complete report here.

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