The Caring Force Blog What’s happening on the hill?

The month of July has been a busy one for The Caring Force! Here’s a quick recap of everything we’ve been watching over the last month:

  • While Gov. Charlie Baker signed the budget for this fiscal year earlier this month, we’re still waiting to see if the Legislature will override his vetoes. For a more detailed breakdown of the budget, you can visit the state website.
  • The legislative session is just gearing up on Beacon Hill, and our bill that would create a loan repayment program for human services workers will have a hearing before the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities later today.
  • And finally, we are very excited about our new and improved annual Broadcast Your Love for Human Services contest. We are starting to see those photos come in on social media, and we could not be happier! You can find out more about the contest and how to participate here.

As August approaches, please take a few minutes to make your Broadcast Your Love submissions and member spotlight nominations!

Thank you for all of your hard work and stay tuned for all the coming excitement!

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