The Caring Force Blog Nice to meet you!

Hello! My name is Ravi, and I’m the new Project Manager for The Caring Force. I’m really excited to start working with all 27,000 of you to amplify our grassroots advocacy efforts throughout the Commonwealth.

When I was much younger, my uncle developed a rare, terminal form of cancer and moved in with my family. As his condition worsened, direct care workers stood by his side and helped him battle his illness. My family, like so many others in Massachusetts, owes an enormous debt to human services workers.

I want to help you elevate your voices and ensure that your concerns are heard in government. You deserve to be properly recognized and fairly compensated for the incredible work that you do. I am looking forward to co

ntinuing traditions such as our annual rally at the State House and further building on the incredible work of my predecessor, Christine Batista.

I can’t wait to begin meeting some of you and getting to work! If you have any ideas or thoughts about how The Caring Force can amplify its voice on Beacon Hill and beyond, I encourage you to share them with me at Thank you!

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