The Caring Force Blog May Workforce Hero: Hetsron Alexandre

| Bill Yelenak

The Caring Force is pleased to announce that our next TCF Hero Spotlight honoree is Hetsron Alexandre, an administrative support staffer with Roxbury Youthworks. Previously Hetsron worked as a direct care worker helping affected youth affiliated with the Department of Youth Services (DYS). Hetsron is also a Caring Force Ambassador and he was a speaker last week at our Tenth Annual Caring Force Rally.

Here is what Hetsron said when we asked him about human services and his career:

How did you decide to pursue a career in human services?

“At an early age, I always enjoyed helping people. My parents used to work in low-income communities, and I shared their commitment to watching people coming from a challenging background to reach the top level in different fields. Growing up, I always stood up against bullying in school.

“While finishing Criminal Justice Major at Roxbury Community College, I had the privilege to attend the Mass Bar mentorship program where a lot of people were talking about opportunities in human services. Early 2019, I jumped in and applied to be a Juvenile Justice Group Care Worker for a nonprofit on the behalf of DYS.

“While working there I quickly understood the whereabouts of those youths mainly issued from low-income communities and surrounded by violence, and I was committed to seeing them grow and play an important role in our society. Then later in 2021, I joined the Roxbury Youthworks Inc. Community in the DYS Community Service division working as an Administrative Support Staff helping case management team and youth facilitators working with committed youth in placement or in community.

“I enjoyed every single day working to help support these youths coming from criminal justice custody, because I saw all the great work that is being done in this field and how great the benefits are for the well-being of society.”

What is your favorite professional memory?

“One of my favorite memories working in human services was last year was in the middle of the pandemic, when I was reporting to work every day that I was

scheduled. While helping youth get their schoolwork done in the new virtual setting, one of them told me: ‘I completed all of my assignments because of you.’ In addition, he earned Student of the Week, two weeks in a row. I remember being next to him to help prevent him from being too much distracted and get some work done. His achievement was a success.”

Why is it personally important to you to see higher wages and/or student loan repayment for human service workers?

“We are essential workers, but we still do the work even though we are underpaid. We are still doing our jobs because they are more than a job for us. We work

as Social Workers, Youth Coordinators, Clinicians in Human Services because it is a calling. Higher wages and Student Loan repayment for human service workers it is for me to leverage and recognize our effort, and to prevent us from having to live only slightly above the Federal Poverty Line.”

Do you have a question for the next spotlight honoree

“In your experience what is needed to build a rewarding employee experience?”

Thank you to Hetsron and all the other tireless staff helping to provide services to clients and families throughout the pandemic. You are the Commonwealth’s human services heroes!

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