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Are you prepared to make your voice heard? The Caring Force wants you to join us and citizens from across the country in participating in National Voter Registration Day today! We need employees in the human services sector, along with their family, friends and colleagues, to get registered to vote for the November 3rd General Election.

If you were eligible to vote in the primary and you did so, then you’re all set! But if you didn’t vote in the primary – and you’re not sure if you’re registered – take five minutes right now and REGISTER TO VOTE TODAY!

The Presidential race is important, but it’s not just about the race for the White House. There are competitive Congressional and State House races and two important ballot questions as well.

Your elected officials can’t tell who you vote for – but they can look up whether or not you vote. I worked in the State House, so I know that when you call or email your local legislator with a question or urge them to support legislation, the staff who respond and log your request can easily see if you’re a voter – or if you’re not.

There are 28,000 people who have signed up to be Caring Force members and human service workers who fill more than 180,000 jobs in Massachusetts. In order for our sector to have a voice, and for politicians to care about our demands, they need to know we will turn out to the polls.

The first step to making a difference is registering to vote! You can click here to visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website to register to vote online in five minutes. Make sure your information is up to date and accurate if you have moved recently.

If you have health-related concerns about visiting a polling site or would rather just vote from home,  click here to request a mail-in ballot for the General Election. Anyone can vote via the mail this year in Massachusetts!

If you are already registered to vote, then please help us make a difference by encouraging others to register in a few easy ways:

  1. Share this information with your colleagues, consumers and clients: Let those around you know just how easy it is to register to vote.
  2. Show your support: If you have non-partisan posters, stickers or other materials, use them creatively. Put them up in the office or other work spaces with the consent of your organization. You should not post any messages or materials that are supportive of any particular candidate.
  3. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media; including sharing and retweeting The Caring Force’s posts on voter registration or the National Voter Registration Day’s posts.

We hope you register to vote and help us make Tuesday, September 22 the most successful National Voter Registration Day yet!

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