The Caring Force Blog June 2023 Workforce Hero: Maria Delvalle

| Caroline O'Neill

The Caring Force is pleased to announce that our June TCF Workforce Hero Spotlight honoree is Maria Delvalle, a Skills Trainer at the Center for Living and Working’s Independent Living Department. Whether she is volunteering at COVID clinics, sharing information at outreach events, or working on special projects, Maria has proven to be dependable and committed to the mission of empowering independence to those that seek it. Maria has shared much success with her consumers, and they empower her every day to work hard to uplift the community that she serves.

1. Tell us about your background.  How did you decide to pursue a career in human services?

In my heart I always had a desire to help people and to be a part of assisting them to achieve their goals. I was a certified medical assistant and working in the community in that capacity really confirmed to me that my place was in Human Services. In 2019, I started working for an Adult Day Center as a social service worker assisting the disabled and elderly population in maintaining their independence. One day, I met a great person who introduced me to CLW. There I was able to expand upon my abilities to connect with people and make a positive impact. CLW has given me the opportunity to be creative, to problem solve and to share my expertise with others. Working at CLW has helped me to believe in myself and to embrace every opportunity to learn and to grow as an individual and as a professional.

2. What does a typical day look like for you at your organization?

After I check in at the office, I organize my day by going through emails and returning phone calls. I meet with consumers in person in the community. It could be at their home, library, or other places to complete an intake and to talk about the requested service. Sometimes I volunteer in the community and learn about different organizations, and I participate in outreach opportunities to educate the community about our agency and resources that are available to those in need.  I also participate in advocacy efforts to increase resources for those in my community.

3. What is your favorite professional memory?

My favorite professional memory is helping an 82-year-old woman and her husband find a place to live in about a month and a half. In the month of February, I was able to meet the consumer and her husband who were about to become homeless because the city bought the house in which this couple lived for 12 years from the owner. They had to vacate their home by May 2023. I was able to advocate for them and find the necessary proof so they could be placed as a priority. On May 1, 2023, this couple was able to move into an apartment based on their income and they are very happy with their new home.

4. This question is from our May TCF Workforce Hero Spotlight, Kathleen Mooney: How do you manage working in a field that can be so tragic at times?

I practice good listening. I always try to be calm in any situation. If I see that I cannot solve it, I call the manager or someone superior to me. I always try to keep professional boundaries and I always ask for help when I need it.

5. Do you have a question for the next person we spotlight?

How do you define success?

Thank you so much to Maria and all of our wonderful human services workers who bring joy and passion to work every day! We are so thankful for your efforts and for making the Commonwealth a better place.

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