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We have some big news to share, and we need YOUR help.

We were thrilled earlier this week to see hundreds of Caring Force members fill the Great Hall of the State House to rally for a student loan repayment program. And after seeing and hearing from you at the rally, Representative Jeffrey Roy is introducing a budget amendment to help with this problem.

On Wednesday, the House released its budget proposal for the next fiscal year, and Rep. Roy is planning to file an amendment to create an education loan repayment program for human services workers.

But we need to secure as many co-sponsors as possible to Rep. Roy’s amendment before Friday at 1 p.m. – and that’s where you come in! The more co-sponsors for the amendment the better chance it has to make it into the budget!

Please take five minutes to send our pre-written letter urging your representative to co-sponsor Rep. Roy’s amendment that would create a student loan repayment program for human services workers. All you need to do is fill out your name and address, and we’ll do the rest!

You can also personalize the letter with your story to make the message more effective. Let your legislator know how much student loan debt you have, how much you currently earn and how the loan repayment program would help you remain in the sector doing what you love.

We were so thrilled to see a packed Great Hall at our rally on Tuesday – and now we need to send hundreds of messages to representatives by 1 p.m. Friday to urge them to support Rep. Roy’s loan repayment amendment.

Click here to send a message to your representative, and forward this e-mail to your colleagues, asking them to do the same.

Thanks for your advocacy and your continued efforts on behalf of The Caring Force.

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