The Caring Force Blog February 2022 Workforce Hero: Widmark (Woody) Donis

| Caroline O'Neill

The Caring Force is pleased to announce that our February TCF Hero Spotlight honoree is Widmark (Woody) Donis, a Case Worker at AIDS Project Worcester.

1. Tell us about your background.  How did you decide to pursue a career in human services?

I am a Latino male son of immigrants from Guatemala. Received my bachelor’s degree from Worcester State University and Master’s degree from Assumption College. I speak Spanish and Portuguese and am married to my beautiful wife, Jaqueline. I have been working at AIDS Project Worcester from 2002 to the present.

I have always known that I would help people since I was young, as I always had empathy and compassion for others who have had to battle obstacles. I remember always looking for volunteer opportunities at my church and in my community. I believe the human service field was drawn to me as could make an impact in someone’s life, making it fulfilling work for me.

2. What is your favorite professional memory?

Being picked as supervisor of the year for interns. I supervised the Dynamy Program while they were doing an internship at AIDS Project Worcester.

3. The pandemic has been ongoing for more than a year.  How have you coped with its challenges?

It has been an adjustment for me in coping with the pandemic during the past year. Clients are only seen at the office and given a temperature check before meeting with me to check for COVID symptoms and having clients use technology to sign forms has also been a challenge.

4. This question is from our January 2022 TCF Hero Spotlight, Evelyn Rodriguez:  What impact did your past life make on you, which molded you into the human that you are today?

The answer to the spotlight question for me would be my spirituality.

5. Do you have a question for the next person we spotlight?

What motivates you to succeed in your job?

Thank you so much to Woody and all of our wonderful human services workers who bring joy and passion to work every day! We are so thankful for your efforts and for making the Commonwealth a better place.

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