The Caring Force Blog Do you have 5 minutes to take action?

The Providers’ Council has released its Pro-Workforce Legislative Agenda for the 2019-2020 session, and now we need your help to secure legislative co-sponsors. Are you ready to take action?

We are introducing two bills that would help create an education loan repayment program for direct care workers and create a plan to eliminate the pay disparity between state workers and those employed by private, community-based human services nonprofits who do similar work.

But turning a bill into law is a lengthy process, and the Providers’ Council needs your help in order to be successful.

Will you take five minutes today to send a pre-written letter to your state representative and state senator asking them to co-sponsor the Providers’ Council’s Legislative Agenda?

You can also include your personal story to make your message more effective: Let your legislator know what it would mean to you and your family if these two bills were to become law.

Our state representatives and senators have until Friday, February 1 to add their name as a co-sponsor. Please email them today and ask them to sign on to these bills that will help that will help workers, clients, consumers and the entire human services sector.

All it takes is five minutes today to help strengthen the human services sector and build caring communities throughout Massachusetts.  And all you need to do is enter your street address – we will do the rest!

On behalf of our more than 26,000 member Caring Force, thank you for your advocacy on these critical issues.

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