The Caring Force Blog August 2018 Member Spotlight!

The Caring Force is pleased to announce the August Member Spotlight honoree is Amali De Zoysa, a Director of Housing-Specialized Housing at Pine Street Inn.

Initially hired as a team leader for programs, supervisors were quick to see Amali’s potential and promote her to her current position. She offers a unique commitment to the professional growth and well being of her team as well as an inspiring presence.

Here’s what Amali had to say about working in human services:

Organization: Pine Street Inn

Years in human services: 16

Best professional memory: About two years ago I was asked to speak at Pine Street Inn’s annual fundraiser. It was also an opportunity to have one of the tenants that was served by our program speak as well. The tenant that I thought would be a great candidate was someone that would not have been typically chosen for such an event. He was shy and had not shared his story before. However, I felt very strongly that he had such a powerful story to share and wanted him to have that opportunity. When he first came to our services; he would barely leave his room and would not make eye contact at all when he spoke with others. A few years later, he had completed a job training program through Pine Street Inn, was now looking for a job and waiting on an apartment to move into. He was so excited and nervous about doing the speech so I helped him each step of the way, including coaching him around writing his speech, helping him get clothes for the event, etc. It was so moving to see him up on the stage sharing his story that day. It was also gratifying to see how someone can, with our supports, be given the chance to lead a life that is meaningful and important for them. He got a standing ovation and several people came up to him to tell him that it was very moving to hear him speak.

What role do you see yourself filling on your team? (Question from Shannon Rodgers at Roxbury Youthworks): Being a supervisor is something that is very meaningful and important part of my role. As a supervisor I see myself being a guide and a coach to my staff. This is why, for me, staff development and taking care of the staff/caregiver are core components.  For example, I take time to get to know my staff, learn about their strengths, what they want in this job, and always lead by example. Caring for them is just as important to me as caring for our clients.

Question for the next member spotlight honoree: What are some innovative and effective ways your organization has addressed issues or designed programs/systems?

P.S. If you know someone who inspires clients and embodies the spirit of The Caring Force, please nominate them on our website or email Christine Batista at for more information about our Spotlight program.

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