The Caring Force Blog Announcing The Caring Force Reverse Rally!

For many years, you’ve come to the State House to advocate for increased funding for low-paid workers’ salaries and more money to provide vital services to clients and consumers.

But this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State House is closed to the public. And we know you’re working harder than ever to ensure the safety of those for whom you’ve been entrusted to care.

You’ve always shown your dedication in coming to the State House to rally for our cause. And that’s why, this year, we’re bringing the State House to you.

This year, we’re reversing our Annual Caring Force Rally and Lobby Day. Rather than have you visit your legislators and elected officials to discuss our legislative priorities, we’re asking our legislators to use their social media to thank our other first responders: the community-based human services workers who fill 180,000 jobs across the Commonwealth.

Our original rally at the State House was going to be on Thursday, April 16, so we’re hoping to schedule our Reverse Rally for the same day. We’ll ask legislators, other elected officials and members of the administration to reach out with a special message for the human services sector – and we’ll spend all day sharing these messages on our Facebook and Twitter. Public officials will tag The Caring Force and use the hashtag “#TCFReverseRally” when they post.

We still hope to plan an advocacy day for our bills in the summer, when the legislature picks up the budget again.

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