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These are trying and uncertain times. As COVID-19 spreads throughout Massachusetts, our country and the world, we are all living with major disruptions and changes to our daily lives and routines.

But through it all, there have been some constants. One of those things that hasn’t changed is the incredible work done by all of you – our human services workers. You truly are our other first responders, working with some populations who may be most at-risk for the Coronavirus. We thank you for your continued efforts in keeping safe the clients and consumers you serve.

We have heard your questions and concerns, and we’re sharing those with our partners in government to ensure you have what you need. We know that Personal Protective Equipment supplies are dwindling, and we’re advocating for more supplies for your organization. And we know there’s uncertainty around a whole host of fiscal issues, and we’re talking to government about solutions in this area as well.

At the present time, we join our partners in government and urge you to practice “social distancing” –avoid contact with others as much as possible (in particular, large groups) and if you’re not working, stay at home. Wash you hands frequently with soap and water – for at least 20 seconds – and if soap/water are unavailable, use hand sanitizer frequently. Keep “high touch” surfaces, like counters and doorknobs, clean by washing and disinfecting them frequently.

You can visit our page on Coronavirus to learn more. We are keeping it updated daily with information about COVID-19 and the state’s response. We know these are trying times, and we want to support you through them as best we can. We’ll also be planning a virtual Caring Force rally for next month, and I hope you can share your stories of triumph and success in serving your clients with our entire Caring Force email list.

It is okay to feel worried or afraid. This crisis will not only test our economy and our public health systems, but our resolve to take care of each other and uphold the social contract of our sector. While this virus will eventually fade, the Commonwealth will forever remember the heroic efforts of human services workers to ensure a strong, healthy human services community.

Until then, stay safe – and let us know what we can do to help you or your organization. We appreciate your efforts, and we’re counting on you.

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