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Zip ‘N Sort Mail Services opened in November of 1998 and has been growing ever since. We provided services to nearly 400 customers throughout Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and Connecticut during the past fiscal year.



Automated Mail Services

We have the most current and state-of-the-art mail equipment, mail sorters and mail systems available in the mailing industry. There is no job too large or small for us to process; we pride ourselves with same day and one- to three-day service!

Catalog Mailings

Although many types of mail have declined in volume, the growth of catalog marketing mail is stable and continues to grow. Due to our automated mail and manual mail operations, there is no limit to the type and number of catalogs we are able to mail each day and year. Our catalog mail services are fast, accurate and efficient. We assist you in catalog design so that you receive the lowest possible mail pricing and the fastest delivery across the nation.

Mail Piece Design

Zip ‘N Sort Mail Services is recognized as an expert in helping you to design your mail pieces. There are volumes of pages of mail specifications that are often changing, and not designing a mail piece properly could result in huge surcharges. But, don’t fret, we can help! We’ll work with you to make sure your piece falls under these specifications, ensuring the most cost-effective, yet high-quality product for your organization!

First Class Presort

First Class Presorted mail is full first class mail, but at a reduced rate. Previously, this was used by large companies with thousands of pieces of mail sent every day. Zip ‘N Sort Mail Services has the only machine between Worcester, Massachusetts and Albany, New York that processes First Class Presorted Mail. We pick up any amount of first class mail from the Berkshires and the Pioneer Valley.


Zip ’N Sort Mail Services has large areas devoted to storage of materials that are mailed daily by special order. We specialize in small- and medium-sized companies that seek excellent customer service… not lip service! Orders are received, processed, triple-checked for accuracy and mailed daily.

Practice Area

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities

People with autism

People with brain injuries

People who need assistance with daily living