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The Caning Company is one of New England’s last remaining storefront caning businesses and is dedicated to keeping this traditional craft from becoming a lost art. Interior designers and furniture restoration specialists have been using our local shop for nearly fifty years! Our completed pieces can be found in homes, businesses, yacht clubs and the Lincoln Presidential Library.


The Caning Company employs a team of expert caners that specialize in time-honored weaving techniques including the traditional seven-step method in which intersecting strands make six-sided circular patterns. The employees are also adept at fiber rush, flat cane, cotton Shaker tape and press cane.

Design New England calls Heritage Caning Company “One of New England’s best kept design secrets.”

Appointments can be made to assess your chair’s needs and provide pricing; walk-ins are also welcome! Located at the ArcWorks Community Art Center at 22 Foster Street in Peabody, The Caning Company hours are as follows:

Mon – Friday : 8 am to 4 pm



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People with intellectual disabilities
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