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Ascentria Care Alliance

Language Bank is a nonprofit social enterprise committed to helping our community overcome language access barriers by providing interpretation and translation services. We are a member of Ascentria Care Alliance, one of New England’s largest human service organizations. Our interpreters live locally and are dedicated to serving their communities. Many of them are refugees resettled by Ascentria, and their rich knowledge of language and culture enhances the services we provide. We also work with ASL interpreters that serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community and translators for translating written documents.

Our clients include institutions across a variety of sectors, including medical, educational, legal and social services. Our goal is to help our clients and their patients or customers communicate easily, effectively and accurately, regardless of language or culture, so that they can understand, and be understood.

We provide both emergency and scheduled services for:

  • Interpretation: In-Person, Over-the-Phone, Simultaneous and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
  • Translation: All written and digital materials, including websites, legal documents, transcripts, depositions, medical communications and more
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services: ASL interpretation, transliteration, oral interpreting, deaf interpreting and Communication Access Real-Time (CART) services