Social Innovator Directory Inclusion: Guiding Organizational Change

How do you achieve a truly inclusive workplace?  One that sees diversity at every level within the institution…where the many cultures, traditions, beliefs, languages, and lifestyles that are prevalent in both the workforce as well as in consumer populations are respected without judgment?  In today’s highly diverse organizations, the ability to work with people who have varied values and cultures is extremely important…and simply hiring people of different races and hanging a training certificate on your wall isn’t going to get you there.

As a predominantly white-led organization, Centerboard has dedicated more than 7,500 staff hours towards embracing and understanding a multicultural perspective over the past ten years. Are we perfect?  No. Do we have all of the knowledge and the solutions?  No. What we do have is the practical, hands-on (at times messy) experience of embracing differences interpersonally, culturally, and institutionally – and some amazing successes…as well as some epic failures. Learn from our story, our truth, and our journey.

Why Choose Centerboard?

  • 10 years of participating in DEI awareness and training within the organization via outside consultants trained in the VISIONS model
  • 10 years of experience in the implementation of DEI work within a nonprofit organization
  • We use storytelling as a road map
  • Trained in Dr. Ross Greene’s Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) Model; International CPS Trainer on staff
  • Certified trainer in the VISIONS model of DEI on staff
  • Staff that serve on the Providers’ Council’s Race, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Success in making effective change within an organization, for example, improving the retention and promotion of people of color by:
    • Utilizing a multicultural lens when revising policies, such as our dress code and drug/alcohol use policy
    • Strengthening employee support procedures and turning to the cooperative process when an issue arises


For more information about this social enterprise, please see Centerboard’s Guiding Organizational Change brochure!