Reports Leading the Way: Social Innovation in Massachusetts

In this report, we summarize the insights of nearly two dozen leaders recognized as Massachusetts social innovation trailblazers. At the end, we focus on recommendations for strengthening Massachusetts’ position as the social innovation capital of America.


Providers' Council; Center for Social Innovation at Boston College SSW

Publication Date

Mar. 25 2013

Social innovation offers the promise of addressing social problems more effectively and more efficiently. For some agencies, it also creates possibilities for increased financial stabilities associated with diversified revenue streams.

  • Have you heard that The Association For Community Living runs Valley Tees, a silk screening business?
  • How about Doc Wayne Athletic League, the organization that offers a sport-based therapeutic program working with youth who have faced many challenges in their young lives?
  • Do you know that HMEA provides cutting edge technological supports for data management, web presence, and e-communications to Massachusetts non-profits through its Cloud4Causes initiative?
  • Are you familiar with training about evidence-based practices provided by The Bridge of Central Massachusetts and by The Berkshire Area Health Education Center?

And these are just a few examples of Massachusetts human service agencies that are leading the way toward social innovation.
Compared to other states, Massachusetts is in a unique position to lead the social innovation movement, in part because it brings significant resources and infrastructure to the social innovation table.

Download the full report here.