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“We stand for respect, equality, and justice.

At its core, Vinfen is an organization that believes that everyone deserves to live in a world absent of discrimination, inequity, and violence. Amidst the backdrop of COVID-19, this week we have observed great turmoil and unrest, including protests and even riots, as a result of the tragic and disturbing deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

We understand there is a long history of racism, violence, and injustice experienced by people of color, which needs to be acknowledged and addressed. Many protesters have taken to the streets to peacefully raise their voices to advocate for equality, justice, and accountability in our country. While Vinfen stands in solidarity with those on the frontlines of change, we don’t condone violence.

We know that the impact of these tragedies weighs heavy on your hearts as it does for all of us at Vinfen. For many, the events of this last week serve as a painful reminder of the systemic racism that exists in our country today. Let’s ensure we do our part by finding ways to do more listening to the unheard, the marginalized, and those that are hurting. As you encounter colleagues, family, and friends, we encourage you to listen with an open heart and mind. Today and every day, Vinfen remains committed to advocating for social justice.

With open hearts and minds,

Bruce Bird, Sophie Santaella, Rich Sullivan, Jon Burt, Joe Gomes, Jeanne Russo, Madeline Becker, Pat Cooper, Lurleen Gannon, Kathy Krysiak, Jana McClure, Kim Shellenberger, Don Condie, and Julie Banda

(Vinfen Executive Team)”


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