News New national report focuses on impact of nonprofits

Nonprofit Impact Matters, a new report released by the National Council of Nonprofits, highlights the work of America’s 1.3 million charitable nonprofits and examines their impact on the people and communities they serve. From improving lives to bolstering local, state, and national economies, the report shows how and why nonprofits matter.

This new report tells the story of the nonprofit community from the nonprofit perspective. It brings together new national and state data about nonprofits, places that data into real world context and applies practical analysis, all designed to share insights on the significant impact that America’s charitable nonprofits have in strengthening communities and improving lives. Read the full report, find data specific to Massachusetts and explore additional tools and resources at

The National Council of Nonprofits wrote Nonprofit Impact Matters to empower the 12.3 million nonprofit employees, more than 64 million nonprofit board members and volunteers, and tens of millions of donors supporting the work of nonprofits with information. The report is the first national-scale compilation telling the story of nonprofits from the nonprofit perspective, using the latest numerical data and describing the current context in which nonprofits are operating.

Download the report.

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