News It’s Women’s History Month and we salute you

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Providers’ Council is saluting all the women in our Massachusetts human services sector who provide supports, services, leadership and compassionate care to one-in-10 state residents every day.

Our recent report, The Face of the Human Service Sector, noted that the Commonwealth’s community-based provider workforce is 80 percent female. Breaking it down further, approximately 96 percent of child care workers, 89 percent of nursing, psychiatric and home health aides; 84 percent of personal care aides; 82 percent of social workers and 78 percent of social and human service assistants are women.

Additionally, about half of Council Provider Members are led by a female chief executive and our Board of Directors is one of the most diverse among business advocacy organizations in the state, based on comparative data in a recent report from Eos Foundation. The board is 47 percent female; of the 32 board members, 15 are women, including the current board chair, Jackie K. Moore, Ph. D., of North Suffolk Mental Health Association, and three are women of color.

To learn more about the impact of women and the Massachusetts human services sector, which comprises nearly 180,000 jobs or more than 5 percent of the state’s overall workforce, you can download The Face of the Human Services Sector report here.

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