News HRIS Integration option saves time, eases compliance tracking

For many members, the most appealing attribute of Providers’ eAcademy®, the Providers’ Council’s learning management system (LMS), is the time it saves on managing and tracking staff’s mandatory trainings. With the ability to set up automatic enrollments and schedule automated reports, Providers’ eAcademy® has the potential to save hours of work time for human resources or training department staff. One of the most valuable time-saving features of the site is the HRIS Integration, or the ability to connect your human resources information system with Providers’ eAcademy®.

There are a number of benefits for connecting the LMS to an organization’s HRIS. When the systems are synced, any changes that are made in the HR system, such as creating or deactivating user accounts, are pushed into Providers’ eAcademy®. This sync can happen overnight, weekly or in real-time depending on your preference. When new user accounts are created the sync automatically pushes in a username and password, assigns them Departments, Locations, Job Titles and any other profile attributes an organization specifies, and will enroll them in the appropriate trainings if automatic enrollment profiles are set up. With this HRIS integration, learner accounts are created, updated and enrolled into trainings automatically, so eAcademy organizations see significant time savings.

The HRIS Integration also greatly reduces inaccurate learner data. Any changes to a staff’s HRIS profile will also be changed in the LMS. For example, if a staff member moves across departments or receives a promotion and these changes are made in the HR system, those changes will be reflected in their learner profile in the training system. Having accurate information on a learner’s profile is very important to ensure they are taking the appropriate trainings needed to do their job.

The Providers’ Council works with representatives from Relias to build and maintain a smooth connection between your HRIS and LMS at no cost to participating organizations. Please note there may be a setup fee associated with HRIS vendors and we recommend checking with them on the cost to create the connection.

Providers’ eAcademy® is dedicated to saving members invaluable time and resources previously dedicated to training staff and maintaining compliance. The HRIS Integration is just one of many time-saving tools and features the LMS offers. For more information on the HRIS Integration or Providers’ eAcademy®, please contact Christina Broughton at or 617.428.3637 x125.

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