News Gov. Healey proposes $55.5 billion FY ’24 budget

Governor Maura Healey presented her FY ’24 budget proposal this afternoon, a $55.5 billion spending plan that she said will “make historic and sustainable investments in our residents, our municipalities and in our workforce to help build an economy and talent pipeline for employers to grow and succeed.”

The proposal includes $173 million for the Chapter 257 Reserve, which represents an increase of $94 million, or nearly 119%, from FY ’22. The Council compared the Chapter 257 line item to the FY ’22 budget, rather than the FY ’23 budget, because the number of Chapter 257 rates reviewed by EOHHS alternate in proportion every other year.

The preliminary analysis from the Providers’ Council, which tracks frequently discussed human services line items, is located here. To discuss any of these line items or ask that other line items be tracked, please contact Bill Yelenak.

Among other highlights in the budget proposal were a 47.67% increase to Emergency Assistance – Family Shelters and Services, a 31.66% increase to Emergency Aid to Elderly Disabled & Children, a 27.92% increase to Congregate Care Services and a 27.86% increase to Vocational Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities, compared to FY ’23.

“We must work together to achieve our objectives and meet these challenges, and that’s why we are calling on all of us as a Commonwealth to work together with our administration and partners in the Legislature to enact a budget that puts Massachusetts on a strong path for the future,” said Gov. Healey.

In her budget message, Gov. Healey noted that her administration is also filing a package of tax cuts and reforms that will create a new Child and Family Tax Credit of $600 per child or dependent and “put money back into the pockets of families, renters, seniors, farmers and commuters.” She also intends to file an executive reorganization plan to establish a new Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities.

The Providers’ Council is reviewing the budget for other major changes to human services accounts or line items, and we will provide more information to our members as we receive it.

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