News Council testifies on Chapter 257 rates

The Providers’ Council on Monday, May 24, provided testimony on three additional Chapter 257 rates, urging EOHHS to increase benchmark wages. The Council testified at hearings on Rates for Certain Sexual and Domestic Violence Services (101 CMR 429.00); Rates for Certain Independent Living Communities and Services (101 CMR 428.00); and Rates for Certain Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders Programs (101 CMR 346.00).

You can download the Providers’ Council testimony here.

Since April 1, 2021, the Providers’ Council has provided testimony on 11 different Chapter 257 rates, each time urging EOHHS to stop using outdated 2017/2018 BLS Massachusetts-specific data and instead use the 2020 BLS Massachusetts state-specific data — and the 75th percentile information. While the state continues to propose a median DC I wage of just $15.48/hour, the Council has asked EOHHS to use the BLS MA 2020 data for Human and Social Service Assistants for a median benchmark salary for DC I workers, which would be $20.94/hour.

For more information on the Providers’ Council’s testimony or any questions, please contact Bill Yelenak at the Council.

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