News Council testifies at Chapter 257 rate hearing for Certain Adult Community Mental Health Services

The Providers’ Council submitted testimony at a Chapter 257 hearing today regarding updated rates for Certain Adult Community Mental Health Services.

Three new rates for services specific to enhanced medical group living environment were included in the amendments. The services are designed to meet and support the daily needs of persons with chronic medical conditions, terminal illnesses, and/or disabilities that are impacted by their significant mental illness. The proposed rates included a CAF of 1.85% and staff salaries were benchmarked to the Massachusetts BLS median wages dated May 2021. The proposed amended regulation contains rates for effective dates of service on or after January 1, 2023.

The Providers’ Council urged EOHHS to incorporate the 75th percentile of the Bureau of Labor Statistics data to ensure community-based human services organizations are able to recruit and retain workers in an increasingly competitive environment. The Council also asked EOHHS to discard its inadequate CAF of 1.85 percent and to instead consider using the latest Consumer Price Index of 8.2 percent or Social Security Administration cost-of-living adjustment of 8.7 percent, as well as raise the total tax and fringe rate to 27.97 percent.

To read the Council’s full testimony, click here.

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