News Council seeks your help in urging legislators to include livable wage study language in final FY ’25 budget

The Senate Ways and Means Committee included the reporting language from our livable wage bill in its budget proposal for FY ’25. This language calls for a report comparing wages between community-based human services workers and state workers in similar job roles. Understanding the wage disparity will help the Providers’ Council better advocate for fair and equitable wages in the human services sector.

If you haven’t already, the Council urges you to please contact your legislators today and ask them to support Senate language in the Chapter 257 Reserve line item (1599-6903) that would create a report on the wage disparity.

Both the House and Senate included $390 million in the Chapter 257 Reserve line item, but only the Senate budget has the reporting language. Ask your legislators to support including the reporting language in the final Conference Committee budget.

Please use our Action Center to send a pre-written letter to your legislators, urging them to advocate for the reporting language to be included in the Conference Committee version of the Chapter 257 Reserve.

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