News Council, RDI Committee issue call to action on racial justice 

The Council’s Race, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, co-chaired by Sandra McCroom and Andy Pond, has launched a call to action on racial justice for Council members.

In the call, the committee is asking human services providers to: educate themselves, their staff and communities on systemic inequity and racial oppression; develop an organizational strategy for combatting systemic racism and oppression; institute a diversity, equity and inclusion committee to discuss issues, press for change and advance the efforts on racial equity; support the efforts of staff, clients, consumers and communities in advocating for their rights and racial justice; and work to end all systems of oppression within their communities.

Nearly 50 Council members signed the statement by July 16, 2020. The statement and current list of sponsors can be found here. Members can add their name to the statement by emailing Christina Broughton.

The Council continues to collect and create new resources on supporting racial justice on the local, state and national levels. See a new race, diversity and inclusion glossary and workplace best practices here.

The Council has also compiled the statements of dozens of members, which can be found here. The Council has also published a list of resources to support racial justice in Mass. and nationally here.

Do you have resources to add? Contact Christina Broughton.

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