News Conference Committee negotiating state FY ’20 budget

A Conference Committee began negotiations this week to resolve differences between the House and Senate’s FY ’20 budget bills. House conferees are Reps. Aaron Michlewitz, Denise Garlick and Todd Smola. Senate conferees are Sens. Michael Rodrigues, Cindy Friedman and Viriato deMacedo.

The Senate approved a $42.8 billion budget in May and the House passed a $42.7 billion plan in April. Both bills are largely favorable to human services line items, but the Council will be seeking to include House language to guarantee Competitive Integrated Employment Services (CIES) is funded “at not less than FY 2019” expenditures.

Once a conference budget is approved by both chambers, the budget goes to Gov. Charlie Baker for approval. Fiscal Year 2020 starts on July 1.

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