News BrainSparks helps Providers’ eAcademy learners retain more skills

Information retention is always a concern for training and human resource departments. As time goes by, learners retain less of the information they received. In the field of health and human services, the skills we teach our staff are vital to the jobs they perform and the clients they serve. It’s important to teach our staff the skills they need to succeed, but it is equally important to help them retain what they learn.

It’s for this reason Relias created the BrainSparks tool, which is available for free to all Providers’ eAcademy users. Upon completion of a course, the learning management system (LMS) will send learners six individual questions on key topics from their training. These questions, or BrainSparks, come 2, 4, 6, 30, 32 and 34 days after completion, and can be answered via email or through the mobile app. Learners will only receive BrainSparks if they have an email address saved to their profile.

There are more than 100 courses in the Providers’ eAcademy library that include BrainSparks. Administrators can log into their LMS to view the six questions that will be sent to their learners. They can also choose to turn BrainSparks on or off by course or for the entire site, and also edit the language of the BrainSparks emails (but not the questions themselves). Administrators are also able to pull reports on their learners’ BrainSparks responses. This way, an Administrator can tell if staff are having trouble retaining the information they learned and reassign courses as needed.

The Providers’ eAcademy program was created to help staff give their clients the best care possible. By ensuring your staff are retaining the information they need, you can feel confident that they will succeed at their jobs.

For more information about the BrainSparks tool, the Providers’ eAcademy program or to request a demonstration of the system, please contact Christina Broughton or call 617.428.3637 x125.

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