Important Message from the President – The Key Program

Providers' Council member The Key Programs mission is to assist troubled youth and their families with the development of positive life skills and experiences so that they may pursue productive and rewarding lives.

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“For the past several months, Key, like so many people and organizations, has been consumed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The primary concern has been the health and well-being of our kids, families, staff and communities.  Despite success in managing the threats of the COVID-19 virus, at this time, we face a far greater threat: racism.  Breonna Taylor was not safe in her own home.  Ahmaud Arbery was not safe simply going for a run.  George Floyd was not safe in the hands of those we are taught to trust and respect.  These are only 3 of the countless people of color that have lost their lives or suffered irreparable damage because of the racism and inequalities that persist in our society.  The individuals you deeply care about as coworkers, clients, friends, family, neighbors and partners may not be safe while going about their daily lives.


We cannot stay silent about institutional racism and targeted violence against people of color.  Our Agency supports those taking a peaceful stand against racism and encourages you to speak out against the discriminatory or racist treatment of other people.  We have an obligation, to ourselves and to one another, to protest the injustices suffered by people of color.


This is a complex and confusing time with multiple points of view, conflicting information, high emotions and voices raised in anger.  It is also a time for kindness, understanding and solidarity.  We can pay tribute to the countless victims of racial violence and discrimination by treating all people with the dignity and respect they deserve, listening to their viewpoints, respecting their opinions, celebrating their unique qualities and always acting with their best interests at heart.  Be assured that we stand as ONE in the fight against racial injustice.


On behalf of Key’s Board,

Bill Lyttle, President “