Free, Members-only Webinar: Make Safety Your Priority – Tips and Tools to Encourage Safe Driving Practices in the Workplace

Safe driving is a top priority for any organization with a fleet. Unsafe driving practices, on average, cost companies $72,000 annually – twice the average companies pay out for work-related injuries. With distracted driving on the rise, traffic accidents have been increasing each year. It is important for your organization to have updated driving policies, modern vehicle safety features and driver-monitoring data to ensure the safety of clients and staff.


John Coombs, Business Development Manager at the Providers’ Council’s Endorsed Business Partner Enterprise Fleet Management, will provide important tips and tools to minimize risk and maximize accident management for your fleet. Proper fleet management can not only prevent revenue loss, but is important to keeping your staff and clients safe when on the road.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Key considerations for creating effective vehicle/fleet policies;
  • Modern vehicle safety standards and how to identify safety gaps in your fleet; and
  • How driver monitoring can reduce risk and increase safe driving practices.