A Message from the CEO – Turning Point

Providers' Council member Turning Point is committed to providing exceptional services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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(Addressing the staff of Turning Point)

“I have been the CEO of Turning Point for only a few weeks and I am still engrossed in the process of understanding the culture of this organization.  I have been greeted with warmth and enthusiasm about the wonderful commitment staff make to our individuals every day.  Today our community and our country are faced with a Covid Pandemic that we have not seen since the year 1918 when 675,000 Americans died from the flu.

We are also faced with another type of pandemic that has been with us even before the founding of our country, the pandemic of racism.  While our nation fought a civil war in which more Americans died then in any other war, the symbols of racism still exist in our country today.  Statues of slave owners, and Confederate soldiers, as well as Confederate flags fly across our nation.  This is not limited to the Southern United States, Massachusetts’ famous Faneuil Hall began as a slave auction and Peter Faneuil was the owner and a slave trader in the 18th century.

Today, in the 21st century the Black Lives Matters movement is sweeping across the nation with a cry for justice and saying “enough is enough, we will not wait any longer” as we remember some of the recent lives lost; Georg Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.  As the Confederate flags and statues are being removed and communities are demanding dramatic changes from their police departments, I will also ask you what we at Turning Point can do to support our staff and the communities we serve?  We at Turning Point stand against racism, bigotry, and the senseless murder of so many people of color.


Alan Klein

President &CEO

Turning Point, Inc. “