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Our committees offer an opportunity for membership inclusion to craft the policies and positions of the Providers' Council, network with colleagues and advance the mission of the Council. Committees are comprised of individuals from provider member agencies selected based on expertise, experience and interest. If you are a provider member and are interested in joining a committee, please contact the Providers' Council staff member associated with that committee for more information.

Audit Committee oversees the audit process for the Providers' Council. In addition to engaging an independent auditor, it supports the review and discussion of the annual audit with the board and staff. The committee ensures that proper audit procedures are in place and relevant findings are shared with board, staff and members the Providers’ Council. Staff Member: Tracy Jordan

Business Practices Committee focuses on the Providers' Council's overarching goal of improving the business regulations, policies and practices of the Commonwealth and the federal government that directly impact the operations of contract human service providers. It tracks the practices, recommendations, and reforms of the Executive/Administrative branch of state government and provides recommendations and interventions to establish fair, reasonable and equitable business practices. In addition, it monitors developments at the federal level that affect the ability of our organizations to function efficiently and effectively. Staff Member: Bill Yelenak

The Caring Force Committee provides guidance and assistance in developing this critical new grassroots advocacy imitative of the Council. The Caring Force Committee seeks to create an inclusive and powerful movement of human service workers, program participants, Board members, volunteers, and other supporters who work together to move government to strengthen funding for human service programs and workers and reshape the way we discuss investing in human services across the Commonwealth. Staff Member: Christine Batista

Communications and Media Committee discusses ways for the Council and its members to engage the media and discuss the sector, its needs and what is required to fulfill legislative mandates to deliver quality serves. Committee members also assist the Council with media strategy, discuss potential new media initiatives and work to determine the best way to approach issues in the media. Staff Member: Michelle McKenzie

Education and Convention Committee directs the Council’s education and training agenda and helps determine the shape of the Annual Convention. An essential element for improving the workforce is promoting relevant and affordable education and training opportunities. The Providers’ Council coordinates trainings, tuition remission, graduate level certificate programs, seminars and webinars to professionalize the workforce; committee input is a critical addition. Committee members assist in developing the convention theme and the array of workshops at the annual convention for the popular networking and professional development attended by 1,000 participants from across the state and region. Staff Members: Ella Froggatt and Amanda McCarthy

Employment Services Committee establishs a communication link for members who provide vocational services and employment programs funded through state and federal funding. In addition, it works to advance the opportunities for vulnerable populations to gain skills that lead to employment. This standing committee will represent provider issues to EOHHS, individual purchasing agencies within EOHHS, the legislature and, as appropriate, federal and local entities. Staff Member: Christine Batista

Health Insurance Committee began in recognition that one of the most significant challenges our members face is providing quality and affordable health insurance for their valuable employees. To address this concern, the Health Insurance Committee is exploring options for reducing costs for agencies and employees while continuing to provide excellent benefits. Staff Member: Christina Broughton

Innovation & Social Enterprise Committee  explores the purpose and objectives of social enterprise and the need for human service providers to develop innovative business methods to raise funds to support their missions. Staff Member: Ella Froggatt

The Integrated & Participant Directed Care Committee is charged with helping Providers’ Council members prepare for the advent of Integrated and Managed Care Organizations in the human services sector. The committee, through the Council’s partnership with Public Consulting Group, will plan forms, advise on reports and disseminate information about the future of payment models in the human services sector and how organizations can prepare to work with ICOs and MCOs in the future. Staff Member: Bill Yelenak

Membership Committee develops strategies for recruiting new members, creating a more meaningful membership experience for current members, and enabling members to know about and take advantage of the numerous benefits available to them. This committee also aims to provide fellow members cost saving and value-added products and services from vendors with a proven track record working with human service agencies. Staff Members: Michael Weekes, Ella Froggatt, and Christina Broughton

Nomination Committee selects a slate of officers and directors appropriate to fulfill the mission of the Council and to secure affirmative votes from the membership. The committee may seek opportunities to develop potential board members in fulfilling its duties. Staff Member: Ella Froggatt

Public Policy Committee monitors any legislation that might impact the sector, and designs campaigns to pass such legislation or to amend or work against legislation at odds with our mission. Public policy initiatives and advocacy are at the core of the Providers’ Council’s mission. By creating and/or working to pass state and federal legislation that can advance and protect sector, the activity of this committee requires dedicated participation. Our voter engagement and education activities are an important element of this committee’s work. Staff Members: Bill Yelenak

Workforce Committee seeks to create solutions to recruiting and retaining human service employees, develop the workforce through education and training, and improve the image of human service workers. This committee spearheads the Human Services Credentialing Program/Providers' eAcademy and developed the Help Wanted reports with the Donahue Institute of the University of Massachusetts. Staff Member: Christine Batista

Ad Hoc Committees work to complete reports and other short term projects. Ad Hoc Committees include the Gubernatorial Forum, Research, 40th Anniversary and Siting committee.