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Workforce Hero Spotlight: Kayla Rose

The Caring Force is pleased to announce that our next TCF Hero Spotlight honoree is Kayla Rose, a residential counselor who works for Vinfen on Cape Cod. Kayla has a deep commitment to the care and advocacy of her clients, frequently speaking up on their behalf both inside and outside the program. Kayla recently volunteered

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Workforce Hero Spotlight: Ekechak Waters

The Caring Force is pleased to announce that our next TCF Hero Spotlight honoree is Ekechak Waters, a direct service worker at an Advocates, Inc. group home for men with autism spectrum disorders. She is deeply committed to the residents, and “lived in” for several weeks, first in a hotel and later at the agency’s

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Workforce Hero Spotlight: Melanie Jansky

The Caring Force is pleased to announce that our next Workforce Hero Spotlight honoree is Melanie Jansky from Bay Cove Human Services. Melanie is a Senior Program Director with 13 years of experience at Bay Cove and she is overseeing major changes to her program over the course of the pandemic. Melanie told us that she

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May Workforce Hero Spotlight!

The Caring Force is pleased to announce that our next TCF Hero Spotlight honoree is Crystal Cole from Horace Mann Educational Associates (HMEA). Crystal has spent ten years working in human services. She recently stepped up to assist adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in quarantine at HMEA’s Isolation Center in Millbury for the past

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Massachusetts lawmakers recognize our incredible Caring Force!

Our human services workforce fills more than 180,000 essential jobs and tirelessly assists one-in-ten Massachusetts residents. While other companies go remote, direct care workers bravely continue to provide essential services on the front lines. From all of us at the Providers’ Council and The Caring Force, we want to say thank you to each and

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Announcing The Caring Force Reverse Rally!

This year, we’re reversing our Annual Caring Force Rally and Lobby Day. Rather than have you visit your legislators and elected officials to discuss our legislative priorities, we’re asking our legislators to use their social media to thank our other first responders: the community-based human services workers who fill 180,000 jobs across the Commonwealth.

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Census Day!

Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a census to count every resident in the United States. Today is April 1, 2020 ─ Census Day! You can fill out the Census here. We know your attention has been elsewhere lately and that’s certainly understandable. But taking the Census is quick – and it’s critical to the future health of the human services sector

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An Incredible Caring Force

These are trying and uncertain times. As COVID-19 spreads throughout Massachusetts, our country and the world, we are all living with major disruptions and changes to our daily lives and routines. But through it all, there have been some constants. One of those things that hasn’t changed is the incredible work done by all of you – our human services workers.

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