The Caring Force Blog Vote Early or Vote Later! Just Vote!

Autumn is QT’s favorite time of year, and he was so excited this year that he got ready for Halloween and Election Day a little early! With early voting you can too!

Early voting for the midterm election is happening in Massachusetts right now and goes through Friday, November 2!
You can find out where and when to vote in your city or town here!

If you don’t get an opportunity to vote early, don’t worry! You can always visit the polls on Tuesday, November 6 and cast your vote between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Taking part in the upcoming election means voicing your choice on important national, state and local races as well as the three ballot questions. You can find out more about the ballot questions from the Secretary of State’s Voter Guide.  And learn more about the Providers’ Council’s position on the ballot questions by reading this month’s Provider editorials.

After you’ve found out when early voting is available in your town, don’t forget to share the information with friends and neighbors! You can also use Facebook and Twitter to let your friends and followers know just how important and easy it is to vote early! Use the hashtag #CaringForceVotes and be sure to share a photo of your “I voted” sticker!

We appreciate your help in making sure every voice is heard.

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