The Caring Force Blog New Milestone: 30,000 Members of The Caring Force!

| Caroline O'Neill

Now over 30,000 strong!

We have reached 30,000 members of The Caring Force! That means 30,000 people who care about the human services sector, want to advocate for our pro-workforce legislation and aim to empower Massachusetts’ most vulnerable residents!

The Caring Force has made great strides and increased awareness of the needs of the human services sector. We have successfully organized 10 rallies with more than 500 attendees, introduced and advocated for bills on fair pay and student loan repayment and launched a campaign to thank “Essential Human Services Workers.” By contacting your legislator, testifying at the State House and attending rallies, you have made your voices heard across the state.

Going into 2022, we have more members than ever who will work together to advocate for the human services sector. We are made up of human services workers, family members, colleagues, staff, residents and supporters. Together we will continue to work to advance an agenda that creates an environment in Massachusetts that protects our most vulnerable neighbors and creates a stronger sector with the pay, recognition and respect our workers deserve.  I look forward to continuing to grow in size and expanding our grassroots advocacy next year.

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