The Caring Force Blog Looking for a mentor?

| Christine Batista

This past January was National Mentoring Month, but the Council is gearing up to celebrate mentoring all year long!

While human service professionals spend their time helping others, they should also be focused on bettering themselves. One great way to do this is by talking to and learning from others in the sector to improve and develop strengths. Mentoring has been shown to have benefits for both the mentee and the mentor which means increased awareness of leadership skills, higher rates of employee retention and engaging in conversation about continual improvement.

Understanding the importance of mentoring, the Providers’ Council created The Leadership Initiative (TLI) and The Caring Force wants to share this amazing opportunity with you! The inter-agency mentoring program pairs current and future leaders in the human services sector while creating a collaborative environment that allows for the sharing of resources, ideas and knowledge so you can grow professionally and personally.

TLI is a one-year program that focuses on your own goals, challenges and skills. We encourage all members of the human service sector to invest in themselves and consider applying to The Leadership Initiative.

To learn more about TLI, you can email Providers’ Council Education and Membership Associate Amanda McCarthy or call her at (617) 428-3637 x128.

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