The Caring Force Blog June Member Spotlight!

The Caring Force is pleased to announce the June Member Spotlight honoree is Janet Kachadoorian, an Assistant Director at Community Resources for Justice (CRJ).

Janet is known at her agency for her selfless acts and her desire to put others first. Janet’s caring spirit shines through in the numerous events she plans, including toy drives, clothing drives and community outings. She also was instrumental in creating a Relay For Life team.

Here’s what Janet had to say about working in human services:

Organization: Community Resources for Justice

Years in human services: 15

Best professional memory: Almost four years ago one of my individuals asked me a question that I could not answer, and it was a very eye-opening moment for me.  She told me that she wanted to have an intimate relationship with her boyfriend and what are the steps she could take to make that happen. I told her I was not sure, but I would look into it. I met with my supervisor the next day and told her I had done some research and wanted to become the sexuality trainer for our agency. Within days I was signed up to take all the courses needed to become the trainer for the agency.  These past four years have been an amazing journey watching the lives of the men and woman I serve engage in healthy relationships. Being able to work with the individuals to learn, explore and enjoy their sexuality has been the best part of my career. I take great pride in all the trainings I now offer to the individuals and our 300-plus staff. What’s even better, the woman who inspired me is now having an intimate relationship with her boyfriend.

Why is working in human services important to you and why did you choose the population that you work with? (question from Natalie Riddel at Lifeworks Inc.): Life is so short, and if I can make a difference in even one person’s life, this career was the right choice.  I have several people in my family who have intellectual disabilities. Knowing the positive impact I have had on my family members while growing up made this career choice a no brainer. To be able to help others who ask nothing of you is very rewarding.

Question for the next member spotlight honoree: If you had the chance to start a new career, would it still be in human services and why?

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