The Caring Force Blog Have you seen our new lawn signs?

As you know, our heroic human services workforce never stopped working through this pandemic. Workers filling more than 180,000 jobs in Massachusetts have been our other first responders, continuing to care for Massachusetts’ most vulnerable residents. Our human services workforce is dependable, regardless of whether they have received publicity. And human service workers certainly deserve that recognition.

We have designed lawn signs that thank our essential human service workers, because everyone in Massachusetts should be aware of the incredible work and resolve of our incredible Caring Force!

An order form for these lawn signs has been made available to Providers’ Council member organizations, so they can purchase signs and distribute them to their workers. Ask your agency whether they will participate in this campaign!

Our overall campaign is about more than just lawn signs. This is the first stage of a structured effort to bring public awareness to this workforce and to advance legislation that will improve compensation and benefits to these selfless and dedicated individuals. To learn more about our campaign and legislation, click here.

When you get a sign, place it in a visible location and post about it on social media to spread the love! Let us know by tagging The Caring Force on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Stay safe! And thank you for all you do every day to support a stronger Commonwealth.

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