Statement from Kennedy-Donovan Center

Providers' Council member Kennedy-Donovan Center (KDC) is a nonprofit organization that supports people with developmental delays, disabilities or family challenges to pursue their personal potential and success in the community.

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“Dear KDC Community,


We want to take a moment to acknowledge the protests spilling out into the streets of our cities.  We join all who grieve and cry out against racism in all of its forms. As an organization dedicated to minimizing the impact of disability and disenfranchisement, we are united with others who are working to end systematic racism.


Our heart goes out to the family of George Floyd and many other black families brutally deprived of life and liberty.  We are committed to a vision of a society in which neither race or disability is a liability.  To that end, we will press on tirelessly.




N. Paul TonThat


Kennedy-Donovan Center “