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Northeast Arc: Shine Jewelry

Shine jewelry began after a local jewelry business asked for Northeast Arc clients to help make some of their products. When they completed that job, people enjoyed making jewelry so much that the clients asked if they could keep doing it. This program fulfills the goals of employment training. Our jewelers are learning the skill of making jewelry but also learning job skills that translate to the goal of community employment. They learn to work as a team, check their work, be punctual, dress appropriately, take initiative and manage their own work space. The clients are involved in almost every step of the jewelry business. They maintain the studio, set up designs, string beads, check their work, do finishing details, complete packaging, attend events and set up our booth as well as sell the jewelry directly to customers.

Practice Area

  • People with intellectual disabilities
  • People with physical disabilities
  • Children
  • Elders

Measure of Success

  • Adds revenue to agency
  • Serves more clients
  • Improves client services

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