Reports Profiles of Caring

Profiles of Caring was published in August 2009 and looks at nonprofits and community-based human services organizations who are creating caring communities throughout Massachusetts.


Providers' Council

Publication Date

Aug. 12 2009

Massachusetts’ social and economic strength is supported by strong families and communities, a prepared workforce, and an innovative spirit that addresses our economic and social needs. Nonprofits develop our emerging leaders and social entrepreneurs, provide care for our families and children, and protect our most vulnerable residents. Nonprofits promote education and culture, advocate for a better environment, and engage citizens in policy issues. Nonprofits help to define the incredible character of the Commonwealth’s communities and improve their quality of life. They also provide strong incentives for remaining in or relocating to our state.

Massachusetts nonprofit organizations are:

Building the workforce through training,education, volunteerism and vocational support programs;

Driving the economy by helping unemployed and underemployed people reach their full potential by becoming vital and productive members of the larger community;

Transforming lives by helping individuals who are experiencing homelessness to transition to having a home, and by helping individuals overcome addictions, live a productive life and maintain positive personal relationships;

Strengthening families and communities by providing programs that address domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental illness; and

Creating innovative solutions that address areas of social concern through entrepreneurship and the introduction of increased local spending and new, well-paying jobs in the community.

The Providers’ Council, the Human Services Providers Charitable Foundation and Public Consulting Group are pleased to present this report, completed in collaboration with the Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics and the National Council of Nonprofits. We thank you for your interest in this report and for doing your part to create caring communities in Massachusetts. Download the full report here.